ABOUT Paws & Feathers


As mentioned on the homepage introduction, I am a retired
Veterinary Technician. My lifelong admiration for animals started
at a very young age, which led me to various levels of education,
which include everything from Centralia College to the University
of Guelph. These courses helped me continue my endeavours in
Animal Sciences along with being hand trained by the
Veterinarian that I initially worked for back in the early 1990's. I
continued to work in the animal sciences industry until I retired.

Grooming was also a large part of my animal career, including
having my own business on the side while working in the clinics. I
have always greatly enjoyed the grooming end of the business
taking great pride in my clients pets and how they look.

Deciding to start this business didn’t take much encouragement,
as I have always been asked by friends and family to take care of
their pets.  It wasn’t until my husband and I wanted to go away for
a couple of days that I realized, it took more time and planning to
find a quality petsitter then it did to plan our getaway. So it began,
I put “feelers” out there to see if my idea of complete pet care
would be of interest, and people were extremely receptive.

Seniors were especially receptive as they perhaps don’t get out as much, and since we have a large population of seniors in Owen Sound it was a good fit. Peoples with medical challenges have been equally responsive to my services as I can go to their homes. The one area that has been of interest is people who just have too many work commitments, and taking care of their pet, is one less thing that they have to fit into their day by making use of my services.

By the way just a note of interest all the animals on my logo,
business cards, and internet site are all my own personal pets. So as you can see I have a vast knowledge and experience in most animals and birds.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my webpage and find out a
little bit more about me and my services. 

Remember an educated pet owner makes for a happy pet, and a
happy pet makes for a happy owner.

This is Milo daddy's boy.

Bogie doing his daily wing flaps.

Sasha Large and incharge!